Melaka Melaka

I know- it’s been far too long since the last post. And so be it. For the first time I’ll not beat myself up for that. I should know myself better by now- when writing diaries I used to leave empty pages with small notes thinking that one day I’ll go back to the past days and catch up. Well guess what- I NEVER did. And so it might happen that I will never get to the point where those unfinished posts, piled up in this blog’s ‘waiting room’, will see the day light. Life goes on…really quickly and as long as we manage to grasp and keep a fraction of it should count as a success. So hooray! Here are the bits and pieces of the latest trip. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Melaka. DSC_5462cDSC_5306bDSC_5463cDSC_5287b   DSC_5303bDSC_5291bDSC_5284bDSC_5316cDSC_5320cDSC_5371c   DSC_5375cDSC_5406cDSC_5416cDSC_5414cDSC_5368cDSC_5351cDSC_5482cDSC_5483c 



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