On our way to OSAKA we took a super fast Bullet Train, known as Shinkansen, which gains up to 320 km/h speed. The traveling experience is considered one of the biggest tourist attractions in Japan and tickets for the foreigners are 40% cheaper than for the locals. JR passes with tourist discount, however, cannot be acquired in the country, so don’t forget to apply for them a few weeks in advance! 


For weeks now I’ve been wondering what to write about our trip to Osaka. The city is big, busy and has a little bit of everything:  historical sites, surrealistic buildings, futuristic towers, boring city centre and mind-blowing night life.  

(above and below- the remaining tower of the Osaka Castle), 

DSC_0750cDSC_0793c DSC_0807c

Umeda Sky Building.

IMG_2257c IMG_2398cDSC_0814c   DSC_0937cDSC_0884c

After sunset,  Osaka showed it’s different- better- face. Considerably a lot of effort was put into the city lights, just as if the inhabitants, architecture and infrastructure were destined for the ‘by night’ perception. The streets network turned out to be logic, the buildings gained form while the people became energetic and alive. 

DSC_0910cDSC_0904cDSC_0165c DSC_0928c

The most amazing shrine in Osaka- the figures are covered with moss. On the way from work the residents stop by to say a quick prayer and to water the statues with water.

 DSC_0922c DSC_0964cDSC_0164c

Future telling on the streets of Osaka.

DSC_0949c  DSC_0952c

The City of Light is full of love hotels, which rent the rooms for hours.

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  1. Thanks very much for a great trip to Japan. I’ve saved a lot of money staying at home and reading your report. I love it! Incedible photos.

    • It’s nothing in comparison to the real travel and seeing everything with your own eyes- you should go!

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