Sleeping on tatami.

IMG_2167A big variety of movies, which take place in Japan, give us quite a good picture of how a traditional Japanese house looks like. Paper sliding walls, floors covered with tatami and squeaking shiny floors- this is what I expected to see in the first hostel we stayed in.

DSC_0479ccJapanese traditional houses have no clear devisions- the walls can seperate rooms or disappear when needed, crating more spacious interiors. Only sanitary- a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom have a distinct and defined location. The most characteristic elements of the interior are the tatami straw modular mats covering the floors and defining the proportions of the rooms- and the shoji– sliding doors made out of wood grid, covered on one side with a paper layer that allows soft light to pass through.

In the pictures you can also see
tokonoma– a kind of a small alcove, located in the guest room, were usually a vertical scroll of calligraphy or piece art is hanging, decorated with traditional ikebana flowers. (In this case the ‘piece of art’ wasn’t very impressive ;)
rōkasmall hallways connecting the roomsDSC_0481ccDSC_0487ccNot really knowing what to expect I kept wondering if thin, single-layered glass walls can keep the warmth inside? The moment we entered the hostel through a tiny sliding doors to a tiny low corridor (genkan), my concerns did not disappear. It was freezing cold inside! I had no intention to take my jacket off and soon my feet turned into icicles. The nice reception girls offered, however, warm slippers and invited us to a peculiar table. Only later have I found out that it is a kotatsu a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or a heavy blanket. Underneath was a heat source and a hole for the legs, so we could sit comfortably enjoying the warmth and pleasant chat with hot green tea in out hands.326DSC_0491cc DSC_0488cc DSC_0492cEntrance doors from inside of genkan. The doors lock can not be more advanced ;) (above).IMG_2393Backpackers Guest House, Nara- than you for your hospitality.

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  1. Great It looks great, however I would freeze there as it is always cold for me ;) Kisses

    • I could really imagine how much you would love sitting at kotatsu! It’s soooo nice! And the guest room was really warm when the heating was on. I am sure you would enjoy it!

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