On the market.

DSC_5726cI like looking at people. In fact, people can tell you the most about the country they live in, without even using words. They are the backbone of the place. Even the most impressive architecture or landscape would be dull without them. They bring flavor, scent and texture to whichever travel you are ‘consuming’.
The Cambodian must make an incredibly good impression on every foreigner. Those outgoing and friendly residents make their country hospitable and even more beautiful. While cycling through the rural areas we were greeted by each and every person met on the way. The kids were eagerly involved in the ‘spot the foreigner’ game. The moment they saw our ‘caravan’ approaching, they run and screamed ‘Hello’. Those who almost missed us run behind our bikes for a while making sure we heard the greeting ;)


The local market we had a chance to visit overwhelmed us with the amount of colours and scents of fresh food. The bikes and motorbikes are not only means of transport but also mobile stalls, which travel with the owner (see the butcher). DSC_5785c DSC_5783cDSC_5788cDSC_5797cDSC_5742cThe net wrapping- a new way to tame toddler? ;)

Mobile butcher shop. The piglets on their way to the market (above), and alredy on sale poor things (below).DSC_5735c

Not the best example of incredible acrobatics done on a single vehicle- the maximum capacity of a Cambodian motorbike is up to 8 people, including kids!!!DSC_5103c     

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