Cooking Indonesian

DSC_4944cThey say that there is something for everyone on Bali. Whether you are on your honeymoon looking for peaceful time or with friends hunting for adrenaline, you will surely find a rich offer on this Indonesian island. From sunrise yoga sessions in the most peaceful sceneries, Balinese craft and dance classes to surfing and extreme rock climbing.

Today two examples- totally different, though both amazing: cooking class and rafting.

Indonesian cooking classes are one of the most popular activities on Bali. Every known restaurant in Ubut offers a course with their head chefs. DSC_4845c   DSC_4881cDSC_4864c DSC_4897cDSC_4948cDSC_4955cGOPR8411cThose who fancy more extreme way of spending time should definitely put rafting on their to do list! IMG_0618cIMG_0395cGOPR8290c


Bali- deep in the Island

DSC_8131cIt has been a while since the last post. It doesn’t mean that nothing happened in the mean time- quite the contrary! Our passports are much fuller with visas and stamps while our carry-on bags wear many more marks of frequent use ;)

Last year has been very fulfilling and we mostly satisfied our travelers’ hunger (if it is possible at all). We managed to visit a few more places in the close proximity to Singapore, knowing that our departure from Asia is coming close.

I could not start with any other place but Bali, Indonesia- an island we visited several times and were never discontent. Is it because of beautiful landscapes? Rich culture? Are we drawn to friendly inhabitants and the amazing Indonesian cuisine? I guess all together. Check it for yourself! DSC_8180cVolcano

DSC_8201cSpectacular Rice Fields

GOPR0849cDSC_5189cDSC_4403cMonkey Forest in Ubut is one of the most beloved attractions in the region.

DSC_4367c   DSC_4378c DSC_4381cDSC_4433cDSC_8148cKopi Luvak- famous local delicacy and the world’s most expensive coffee for those who appreciate the taste despite where it came from ;)