The numerous Faces of Bayon Temple

cambodia-panorama02cBAYON TEMPLE in Angkor Thom is one of the Khmer religious centers. It is famous for its multiple huge stone faces representing the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

At first it seems like a fun place. However, you might become slightly intimidated by the numerous smirking ‘Mona Lisas of the East’ observing every step of yours ;)

Despite that, it is absolutely one of the most picturesque places in Angkor Thom- the other former town next to Angkor Wat.
DSC_4769cDSC_4599cDSC_4693bDSC_0301cDSC_0307cAffected by the stone faces I decided to spy a bit as well ;)  (above)

In front of this temple (which name I have forgotten), a small stand with durian flavored ice-cream was very popular among the monks. (below)DSC_4584cDSC_4590c


The amazing Angkor Wat


Despite all the incredible temples we have seen, the ‘oscar’ definitely goes to Angkor. As the prime attraction of the whole Cambodia, it overwhelms with it’s grandness, picturesqueness and variety of details. Build originally as a Hindu temple in the early 12th century, Angkor is the largest religious monument in the world. Currently it is a hindu sanctuary, eagerly visited by big groups of monks. Honestly, vivid orange robes is a cherry on top of a visual deligh of the Angkor Wat’s panorama.
If you still don’t have it on the ‘must see before I die’ list- put it there!

DSC_4792cDSC_0390c:)cambodia-panorama06dDSC_4883cDSC_4891ccambodia-panorama08cDSC_0498cDSC_4598cTime to go further!