Cambodia: Ta Prohm

DSC_4467cCambodia always appeared to me as a mysterious land, unspoiled by the modern civilization. On the spot it turned out to be more than true.

Angkor is a region in Cambodia that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire, the largest empire of Southeast Asia that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries. This ancient and revered Cambodian province is home to astonishing and enduring architectural evidence of the Khmer Empire’s Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist beliefs. There are over 100 stone temples scattered throughout the Angkor area, out of which we managed to visit 9 during our 3-days bike tour. Most of the sanctuaries are completely deserted in the jungle, thus exploring them makes you feel like Indiana Jones or Miss Lara Croft. Tomb Rider by the way, wether you find it ridiculous or not, made me fall in love with Cambodia for the first time. And even though I did not dress like Lara (some female tourist actually do that!!) or did not manage to find ‘the only jasmine tree’, roaming the ruins made me hungry for adventures :)

P.S. Big thank you to Daniela and Michael for making this happen and for great time we had in Cambodia!

P.P.S. Thanks also to National Geographic for including a guide book for Cambodia in the package of books I won last year.


DSC_4359cDSC_4361ctr_angelina_jolie_cambodiaDSC_4553cThe trees’ roots are not only picturesque but proved to hold the temples’ stones together. The few attempts to remove them resulted in collapsing the structures.DSC_4505cThe most remarkable spot from Tomb Rider is occupied by lines of tourists. We did not want to be worse ;)DSC_4506bcDSC_4488cDSC_4402b&wcDSC_4432b&wcDSC_4443cDSC_4428cDSC_4516cDSC_4408cDSC_4395cDSC_4394cDSC_4386cDSC_4384cDSC_4406cDSC_4423cDSC_4372cThe president of the European Council- Herman Van Rompuy turned out to be a historic architecture fan ;)DSC_4371cDSC_4377cDSC_4416cDSC_4564cOur reliable companions.