Welcome to New Territories

New Territories- the Northern region of Hong Kong is not a typical touristic destination. A few routes appointed for those few, who are either architects and urban planners or have seen everything on Hong Kong Island and Kawloon Peninsula, reveal a world of low cost houses interwoven with not always well maintained temples and cultural centers. This gives, however, a strong feeling of honesty and authenticity. Like a Christmas present, every corner reveals a surprise. Charming, XIX century old streets tell their stories and asks for visitors’ attention.

In XIX century HK was a magnet to thousands of Chinese and Westerns who came to the city driven by a perspective of wealth. The colony was soon overcrowded and under high risks of plagues. In order to accommodate it’s growing population an area, 12 times bigger than original Hong Kong Colonial. The extension of Kawloon was called New Territories.

   Unlike HK, New Territories present a peaceful, suburban life style.

How about a group photo? ;)

Fairytale- like house for sale. Anyone interested?

Multi storey housing create quite a strong contrast to the idillic small houses.