SOHO in HK is a fascinating district. I don’t remember when I experienced so many opposites: stalls with cheap souvenirs neighboring superexpensive antique shops, funeral parlours next to liveliness of the streets, the most delicious scents of Asian quisine disturbed by a sour smell of rotten trash. The mixture of such extremes didn’t spoil the great impression SOHO made on us. We actually came back 3 times in a raw the following days and were always surprised with the intensity of human interactions- who would expect that one innocent picture of a cat I took is going to make the owner roll a newspaper and use it as a weapon against me?? Well, I wouldn’t. I hope poor cat is not going to loose it’s soul after becoming a hero of this post… ;)

Felix couldn’t help a temptation and had to check most of the tea and spices shops… Did I mention that every second time a visit ended up with shopping ;P

The CAT. Ciekawe na co paczy….

Visiting Tian Tan Buddha

It takes a few hours climbing or half an hour by a cable car (‘Cristal Floor’ cabin or ‘lovers lounge’ optional ;) to get to the second biggest Buddha statue in the world. More specifically: tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha measures 34m and can be seen from a distant Macau in a good weather! As this is the religious center for the Buddhist in Hong Kong, spirituality of the place affects you easily…. only to be ruined by a Disney-like village with a big number of high class souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. However, it doesn’t take long to go back into the mysterious world of candle scent, dimmed lit temples and fog-veiled mountains.

   I know it’s nothing new, but it still makes me laugh when pictures are being taken with an IPad :D

     And in the Buddha belly- a VIP cemetery.

I really was serious most of the time, believe me.

Hong Kong

3.5 hours flight from Singapore and we were leaving an airport in Hong Kong, China. This short visit left me overwhelmed with the vast pallet of unfamiliar colors, tastes and sounds. While still sorting through notes and thousands of photos I am posting a few of them to share the atmosphere of this exotic world.

Salmon bagel and latte with Asian accent for breakfast (^.^)/

View from the Victoria Peak- not bad at all :)
Fried duck for dinner.

Mango heaven- mango pudding, ice- cream and cake! Mrrrr.

Who is going to tell me that HK is NOT a city of LIGH?