China Town.

Here are a few images from China Town in Singapore, full of colours and lights, a place with good food and pleasant cafes.
It’s a district where time has a different value and the everyday rush dissolves in every public space.


Saturday Lunch.

I think I like Saturdays. Vanila ice- cream with mango, papaya and lychee was not a bad combination for lunch (thanks F). Anyone wants to join?
Have a great weekend :)


Something green.

Saturday morning caused a real dilemma- shall we spend all day at the pool eating sushi and drinking… tea with umbrellas or go to a rain forest in the middle of a boiling hot day? Hiking in a MacRitchie Reservoir Park seemed to be a better option for extreme needs ;) Despite all doubts and prejudices I had it ended up to be a brilliant afternoon with prehistoric animals (which always run away from the picture) and a walk above tree tops.

Trying to dry my face a bit before posing for the picture below:)

A Tree Top Walk. One way route. Please DO NOT TURN ARROUND.

Gosh, it’s high.

By the end of the trip I spotted a few particular creatures in the bushes….