The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.
I’ve been dreaming about this moment for many years and couldn’t believe my eyes when I got a ticket from F! I could finally watch the Wicked musical, an adaptation of a book by Gregory Maguire (which is much more serious than the show).
Everyone knows the story of Dorothy from Kansas, who landed by chance in magic Oz. At the end of a ridiculous yellow path, the Wizard of Oz was supposed to help her to get back home. The Musical covers events long before Dorothy’s journey and tells a story of two completely different school girls who grew fond of each other and became friends before they transformed into a Wicked Witch of the West and a Good Witch of the North. The show brings explanations to such phenomenons as the Wicked Witch’s obsession with ruby shoes or why the Good Witch was traveling by a bubble.
Despite the brilliant humor and entertaining dialogues, ‘Wicked’ tries to handle also important questions: are people born bad or good from the start? Is it possible to justify and understand the wickedness of the human nature?
I try my best not to write much more as I really believe it’s worth watching. And starting today ‘I think I’ll try Defying Gravity’ :)


Sneak a peek of a stage design.

Grand Theater at Marina Bay Sands.

images from: http://wickedthemusical.com.sg/


Still in Little India, after a long day of walking in circles, came the time to cool down (or rather run away from the heat) and drink small Bierchen :) On our way to an unknown destination I decided to check what hides behind an intriguing tiled façade. How surprised I was to find not a museum, not even an antique shop but a bar + a French restaurant called Cocotte. 

It took me a while to realize what was actually happening- I can see myself standing there for a few good minutes, confused, surprised, ready to say: “I’m sorry, I mixed up the entrances”. Because what was I supposed to think about barber/dentist (????) chairs around coffee tables, shopping trolleys parked next to the armchairs and gigantic coca-cola caps on top of bar stools? That it’s BRILLIANT (after 3 min). Hah! To add more, opened ceiling, tons of wires and metal furniture accompanied by vintage, cosy elements = INDUSTRIAL/HOMY INTERIOR made me forget about my beer and run around with my camera taking pictures.
Apparently the place is known for a very good French cuisine, which we’ll have to check out sometime soon.
A bartender must have realized our fascination as he decided to add even more to this positive experience by bringing a ball for … a free FOOSBALL! No wonder we didn’t manage to cool down in the end ;)


I couldn’t help myself from photographing this bathroom. Just like everything in eclectic Cocotte, a washroom in Arabic style was put together with a minimalistic black glass cabin.

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494

Little India.

This place can be compared to an exotic “bath” in a big pallet of colours, tastes and smells. Within this overwhelming parade of incentives and temptations there are, however, some aspects which I simply don’t understand. To start with- a peculiar balance between the REAL flowers, authentic meals, fresh spices and PLASTIC, kitschy jewellery, blinking window displays and synthetic fabrics. Weirdly enough, Little India in Singapore is mainly known for it’s famous shopping “Mecca”, called after the owner- MUSTAFA. The quality of goods is far from the highest standard, however, just like the famous Harrods in London, it proudly holds the title of the best equipped store in Singapore. No wonder there is a feeling of almost NON-existing district as this multistory giant constantly grows, “eating up” small shops and businesses. Outrageous? Not at all! Mustafa is an Indian hero, thanks to whom the district is a real magnet on the local and touristic maps. Moreover, having even a tiny stall “glued” to this multi store is good enough to have a successful business.


Inside MUSTAFA. There are arround 2100 Indians working in the store.

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to all visitors.
Have a wonderful time with family and friends. May the holidays be the moment to experience not only the miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but also possibility to work on upgrading the relationships and human interactions.

Photo from Little India market- apparently they also added Easter to their holdays ;)

Ethiopian Easter in Kurier Szczecinski

The Szczecin Newspaper ‘Kurier Szczecinski’ featured an interview with me as an Easter Special on Great Friday 6 April 2012.
The interview describes my experiences in Ethiopia during Easter time, including a Palm Sunday on Entoto Mountain and eating chicken stew after Resurrection mass at 3 in the morning. IMG_0152c

Hello Singapore!

The beginnings are never easy and I don’t mean the first days in a completely new environment but the fresh start of posts series from Asia. For weeks I was wondering how to deal with the NAME of the BLOG, which I really like but which doesn’t match the new chapter of life I’ve began. In the end melkamafrica is going to be exchanged with this address:       www.martatravelblog.com      Till the end of the year both of them will be active, though.
About the travel to Asia- Apparently I didn’t manage to master the packing technique as I ended up with two huge bags (had to pay for the second piece of luggage), which turned out to be 3-4kg underweight! Of course all this “Darn… I should have taken…” thoughts started the moment I realized that. 12 hours flight from FR to SING didn’t sound exciting. However, the fact that we’ll be on board of a new A-380 – a double- decker plane made us feel better :) The next day was simply GONE! The time difference stole ONE day and 5 hours after waking up….it was time to sleep again! The only thing I remember after landing were Orchids… lot of them and they were NOT PLASTIC! (hahahaha ;)

The moment it got to us- WE ARE IN SINGAPORE- our legs led us to…. CHINATOWN. Maybe it doesn’t sound logic but it is. Almost 75% of population in Singapore are Chinese and the district itself is a marvelous spot in the city. That’s why I’ll gladly write about it more some other time.