Dear Friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

May the New Year 2012 bring lots of joy, happiness and love and friendship.

May the coming months be full of colors, exotic scents and spices.

May most of your plans and dreams become reality while the others give you energy and will to be active and satisfied.

MELKAM ADDIS AMET and hope to see you soon :)


FILMing Disappearing Spaces.

Informal settlements in Addis Ababa disappear very quickly from the city map.Why do their inhabitants don’t want to move from those tiny houses to the newly build condominiums? The movie is our research on this phenomenon.

I confess – I am fascinated with Addis’ SLUM, which is so much not like the ones I have seen in Rio or Shanghai. Here, instead of a “cradle of violence and pathology”, we experience a day with a kind and hospitable society. Majority work or study, all have dreams, plans, which very often come true. 24h, a day with a typical family from a tiny housing unit, called “Kebele”, not only gave a lot to think about but also stared the whole research series with a similar scheme.