The Great Ethiopian Run

Ethiopia is not only known for good coffee, but also spectacular success in running disciplines. What an extraordinary event it was to be a part of a Great Run in Addis Ababa and to share the same route with the best runners in the world- from Ethiopia and Kenya. On Sunday, at 9:00 local time, a red waving sea of thousands of people from all over the world started the 10 km long loop in the merciless African sun. Remarkable experience! Apart from that it really reminded a Polish 3rd May parade from the communistic times. Almost every work place or organization had its countless employees, wearing identical accessories to make them stand out from the crowd. I only missed the announcements: ‘Ethiopian Bank, represented by the 125 runners, is catching up with the Doctors’ Association, represented by 82 members …’ ;) Anyway it was a very successful day for Ethiopia, as both races for prof males and females were won by the local celebrities. So who is joining me next year? 



Sun? Si! = Zanzi

I postponed this moment as long as I could, but it’s time to say good-bye to white sands, blue sea and good mood of this heavenly place. But is it possible at all to come back to reality after this island? NO! It infects your thoughts with beauty, plants a constant yearning for the sunny beaches and tunes the mind to the sound of waves. I am not a yoga/ ashram person, however the images from Zanzibar are still so vivid they sometimes break into my mind and start a relaxing meditation, without even asking for permission. That is why dear friends, if you feel exhausted, overwhelmed with work and difficulties of everyday life- Zanzibar is the place to recharge the batteries. If you plan to go there- please say hello to the BEACH from me :)


Mesmerizing Zanzibar. Even though I still haven’t been to Thailand, I dare say I know how Richard felt while entering “The Beach”. Morning breeze wrinkling azure sea, shimmering palm leaves, giving shade to the impossibly white beach, made my chest burst with joy. The perfect amount of sun and wind make you want nothing but to close the eyes, breath deeply and just BE. I wish I could say that indeed I needed nothing but sun and seafood for lunch. Unfortunately, since I remember I had this really ugly habit of feeling the time pressure. Being afraid to realize that I “wasted my week in this heavenly place” (as if it was even possible!) I decided to be more active. An afternoon of beach volleyball ended up with making new friends and burning our backs, therefore the next day in the sun was simply not a good idea. This was a perfect excuse to finally try diving. I know, it is not a big deal, but for me it was. Honestly, I have never even done snorkeling, so breathing underneath the water made me a bit nervous.  I had to constantly remind myself to “breath with your mouth, breath with your mouth, damn Marta!! With your MOUTH not your nose!” Moreover, the moment we hit the bottom of the sea I was sure I ended up with a different group and without my buddy- oh how wrong I was.
Despite the fear, breathing problems and underwater hallucinations it was a great experience. This world of floating beings in all possible colors made me fall in love with nature with an entirely new strength, which reminds me how precious and fragile it is.



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