A Tale of Three Flat Tyres.

A good, strong 4×4 car, land cruiser or land rover, in Africa is like your best friend. „Someone” you can (or have to) relay on and cooperate in difficult conditions. If your „companion” keeps a secret from you for example about spare tyres, which have been repaired too many times to be used again- you’re simply sc…ed. In fact that’s happened to our happy group THREE times! An absolute record considering TWO spare tyres we had. Moreover, we found our tipsy driver completely helpless in the face of changing them. At least this sudden accident sobered him immediately up J Fortunately male German- Belgium team with some help of kind locals was capable of handling the crisis… so that we can get a puncture two more times ;)  

The bright side of the whole situation was a possibility of meeting the locals.

I’m sure that for young Massai shepherds watching the change of a tyre was nothing special… more like a new episode of their favourite serial. What might have been a novelty were the lollypops one Polish girl gave them. Nice hugh? Unfortunately,  later came the pangs of conscience, knowing that they don’t brush their teeth and maybe giving them sweets was not the cleverest thing to do??? This ignorant white people in Africa… Oh well, we ended up having fun and a bunch of good memories and pictures.