Heile Gebrselassie

Every country has a face everyone recognizes- Great Britain has Queen Elizabeth II, Poland- John Paul II, Tibet- Dalai Lama, Jamaica- Bob Marley, the USA- Justin Bieber ;) Ethiopia’s undeniable symbol of the country is Heile Gebrselassie. Smiling from huge advertisements of major Ethiopian and International companies (Ambo, Adidas, Johnnie Walker, Ethiopian Airlines) this little and extremely famous athlete is a true pride and a role model in Abyssinia. For a long- distance champion, Olimpic gold and record holder Heile is an incredible easy- going, open- minded, friendly guy. He is also a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a rural, poor area and walked a long way to his status. He actually fits perfectly a profile of the Ethiopians I’ve been interviewing lately for a publication I am working on. Therefore I had a pleasure to meet Heile personally and spend a couple of hours with this fascinating personality. If you want to try your luck and meet him- check Bole Parisienne, where he gets macchiato almost every day :)