Ethiopian Easter in Kurier Szczecinski

The Szczecin Newspaper ‘Kurier Szczecinski’ featured an interview with me as an Easter Special on Great Friday 6 April 2012.
The interview describes my experiences in Ethiopia during Easter time, including a Palm Sunday on Entoto Mountain and eating chicken stew after Resurrection mass at 3 in the morning. IMG_0152c


One day I got an email. It was a journalist form a local magazine about the events, interesting places and people in Szczecin. And they thought that I am one of the inhabitants with an interesting story to tell. Who told them about me? I still don’t know. Below is the output of the interview by Michalina Wasilewska and a very brief photo session by a talented young photographer- Bartosz Matenko.

With morning coffee. / Co ja pacze? Oni piszo!

Weird. That’s how I felt when my former pupil brought a magazine to me with the words: “Niezły lans!” (slang; Nice promotion!) ;). I was invited for an interview on Monday being sure that weeks will pass till sth. will be published. How surprise I was to have it in my hands only 3 days later.

The online version: