Hello Singapore!

The beginnings are never easy and I don’t mean the first days in a completely new environment but the fresh start of posts series from Asia. For weeks I was wondering how to deal with the NAME of the BLOG, which I really like but which doesn’t match the new chapter of life I’ve began. In the end melkamafrica is going to be exchanged with this address:       www.martatravelblog.com      Till the end of the year both of them will be active, though.
About the travel to Asia- Apparently I didn’t manage to master the packing technique as I ended up with two huge bags (had to pay for the second piece of luggage), which turned out to be 3-4kg underweight! Of course all this “Darn… I should have taken…” thoughts started the moment I realized that. 12 hours flight from FR to SING didn’t sound exciting. However, the fact that we’ll be on board of a new A-380 – a double- decker plane made us feel better :) The next day was simply GONE! The time difference stole ONE day and 5 hours after waking up….it was time to sleep again! The only thing I remember after landing were Orchids… lot of them and they were NOT PLASTIC! (hahahaha ;)

The moment it got to us- WE ARE IN SINGAPORE- our legs led us to…. CHINATOWN. Maybe it doesn’t sound logic but it is. Almost 75% of population in Singapore are Chinese and the district itself is a marvelous spot in the city. That’s why I’ll gladly write about it more some other time.