SOHO in HK is a fascinating district. I don’t remember when I experienced so many opposites: stalls with cheap souvenirs neighboring superexpensive antique shops, funeral parlours next to liveliness of the streets, the most delicious scents of Asian quisine disturbed by a sour smell of rotten trash. The mixture of such extremes didn’t spoil the great impression SOHO made on us. We actually came back 3 times in a raw the following days and were always surprised with the intensity of human interactions- who would expect that one innocent picture of a cat I took is going to make the owner roll a newspaper and use it as a weapon against me?? Well, I wouldn’t. I hope poor cat is not going to loose it’s soul after becoming a hero of this post… ;)

Felix couldn’t help a temptation and had to check most of the tea and spices shops… Did I mention that every second time a visit ended up with shopping ;P

The CAT. Ciekawe na co paczy….

Hong Kong

3.5 hours flight from Singapore and we were leaving an airport in Hong Kong, China. This short visit left me overwhelmed with the vast pallet of unfamiliar colors, tastes and sounds. While still sorting through notes and thousands of photos I am posting a few of them to share the atmosphere of this exotic world.

Salmon bagel and latte with Asian accent for breakfast (^.^)/

View from the Victoria Peak- not bad at all :)
Fried duck for dinner.

Mango heaven- mango pudding, ice- cream and cake! Mrrrr.

Who is going to tell me that HK is NOT a city of LIGH?


Saturday Lunch.

I think I like Saturdays. Vanila ice- cream with mango, papaya and lychee was not a bad combination for lunch (thanks F). Anyone wants to join?
Have a great weekend :)



Still in Little India, after a long day of walking in circles, came the time to cool down (or rather run away from the heat) and drink small Bierchen :) On our way to an unknown destination I decided to check what hides behind an intriguing tiled façade. How surprised I was to find not a museum, not even an antique shop but a bar + a French restaurant called Cocotte. 

It took me a while to realize what was actually happening- I can see myself standing there for a few good minutes, confused, surprised, ready to say: “I’m sorry, I mixed up the entrances”. Because what was I supposed to think about barber/dentist (????) chairs around coffee tables, shopping trolleys parked next to the armchairs and gigantic coca-cola caps on top of bar stools? That it’s BRILLIANT (after 3 min). Hah! To add more, opened ceiling, tons of wires and metal furniture accompanied by vintage, cosy elements = INDUSTRIAL/HOMY INTERIOR made me forget about my beer and run around with my camera taking pictures.
Apparently the place is known for a very good French cuisine, which we’ll have to check out sometime soon.
A bartender must have realized our fascination as he decided to add even more to this positive experience by bringing a ball for … a free FOOSBALL! No wonder we didn’t manage to cool down in the end ;)


I couldn’t help myself from photographing this bathroom. Just like everything in eclectic Cocotte, a washroom in Arabic style was put together with a minimalistic black glass cabin.

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494


While going through my pictures from Ethiopia I ran across a couple of folders I forgot about. There are still a few places I’d like to show you, cause they were a great part of my social life in Addis Ababa.
In the close distance of Immigration Department, there is a truly wonderful restaurant situated. Unfortunately, soon it’s location will be changed. The area has a new height regulations and protests and petitions didn’t manage to safe this G+1 oasis from future demolition. As all stories have two sides of a medal there is also a positive site of this situation as well. In a few months the restaurant will be opened in a redesigned storage of the MULU Plaza- the building we have designed. Honestly, I can not imagine a better “magnet” for the area.
A name of the restaurant- SISHU comes from the owner’s name, a super friendly lady who always takes care of international, cozy atmosphere. The former residential house was redesigned and now consists of a few differentiated, spacious rooms, which can easily hold different types of meetings. The kitchen, OH! The kitchen is fantastic! It was relocated outside, as the old one could not manage the amount of guests. I’m not sure if the way it’s organized or possibility to look inside or the smells that come from it make me fall in love with it. I want it BACK!

My favourite: mouth-watering vegetable antipasti sandwich with home made sauce. Mmmmmniam.