Ethiopian Easter in Kurier Szczecinski

The Szczecin Newspaper ‘Kurier Szczecinski’ featured an interview with me as an Easter Special on Great Friday 6 April 2012.
The interview describes my experiences in Ethiopia during Easter time, including a Palm Sunday on Entoto Mountain and eating chicken stew after Resurrection mass at 3 in the morning. IMG_0152c


One day I got an email. It was a journalist form a local magazine about the events, interesting places and people in Szczecin. And they thought that I am one of the inhabitants with an interesting story to tell. Who told them about me? I still don’t know. Below is the output of the interview by Michalina Wasilewska and a very brief photo session by a talented young photographer- Bartosz Matenko.

With morning coffee. / Co ja pacze? Oni piszo!

Weird. That’s how I felt when my former pupil brought a magazine to me with the words: “Niezły lans!” (slang; Nice promotion!) ;). I was invited for an interview on Monday being sure that weeks will pass till sth. will be published. How surprise I was to have it in my hands only 3 days later.

The online version:

Heile Gebrselassie

Every country has a face everyone recognizes- Great Britain has Queen Elizabeth II, Poland- John Paul II, Tibet- Dalai Lama, Jamaica- Bob Marley, the USA- Justin Bieber ;) Ethiopia’s undeniable symbol of the country is Heile Gebrselassie. Smiling from huge advertisements of major Ethiopian and International companies (Ambo, Adidas, Johnnie Walker, Ethiopian Airlines) this little and extremely famous athlete is a true pride and a role model in Abyssinia. For a long- distance champion, Olimpic gold and record holder Heile is an incredible easy- going, open- minded, friendly guy. He is also a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a rural, poor area and walked a long way to his status. He actually fits perfectly a profile of the Ethiopians I’ve been interviewing lately for a publication I am working on. Therefore I had a pleasure to meet Heile personally and spend a couple of hours with this fascinating personality. If you want to try your luck and meet him- check Bole Parisienne, where he gets macchiato almost every day :)



This post is going to be a bit bitter. As I was writing last time, there are some irritating disturbances we are dealing with lately. Preparations for the building permit take not only time, patience but also A LOT OF PAPER, hehe. Before Ethiopia I have seen blueprints only in the movies. The production process itself is quite simple- first of all, drawings have to be printed on the transparent paper, then a special scanner changes the black lines into navy blue and the rest into violet. It’s important to find a printing company that doesn’t safe the chemicals, otherwise the prints are illegible and can be thrown away. In case the files are too big or there is a half- day- long lunch break, the shop runs out of electricity/ paper/ time/ will to continue working (all and much more happened to us!) then it’s time to find another shop, and then another and another…. If the shops didn’t have to habit of disappearing regularly we could gladly make a print shops map of Addis :)
Blueprints can not be copied and that’s the goal of all this hassle…. I wish! It is a common practice to steal the projects and resell them later. Knowing that our files were divided and printed in a few places. We were still surprised when after unsuccessful printing on the 5th floor we went to another shop on the 7th floor to found pieces of our drawings lying all over the place! Neither owner was able to explain how that happen ;)

In the meantime, one of my pictures I took in Lalibela was being printed as a wedding present. Two days of waiting turned into a week. Every time we appeared in the print shop the amharic discussions between the workers had something to do with 2, not 1 prints. Just in case we made sure to be there for the delivery… and BINGO! They also ordered one for themselves- because ‘it’s so pretty’ and they want to have a souvenir ;) So in case you see a postcard like that you know what to think ;) By the way- do you like it?


Celebrations continue…

In the near future I am planning to cover all Ethiopian celebrations I had a chance to attend throughout the last year. You have read about Fasika (Easter), EASTER and Genna (Christmas). Soon I will also write about an extraordinary holiday called Meskal, which takes place in September and Timakat– which is celebrated right now.




Time flies.

Yesterday it hit me: It has been one year since my graduation, or more precise- the final presentation ( I don’t even know exactly when my graduation was, as I was not in Pl any more, which means I’ll never have pictures in a graduation toga …:( buhuu ).
This year was extremely intensive and successful. Even though my African adventure will come to an end in a couple of months, I’ll leave this continent with many fruit, not only research, knowledge and experience, but most of all friendships. I am NOT saying good bye yet, just want to thank my European friends, who pushed me into making bigger steps and supported me throughout the passed year. :*